Can I see the content of my email in reports?

No. Netcore Email API doesn’t store any email content of yours maintaining the sender and receiver’s privacy.

How long does Netcore Email API keep data about my emails?

Netcore Email API stores data your data for 90 days

How to use Tags in Netcore Email API?

Tagging your Netcore Email API emails lets you easily search activity, compare stats, and more. Some examples of tags are:

"Invoice Emails", "Forgot Password/OTP", "Newsletters" etc.

Add tags to emails while sending emails through API or SMTP.

In case of SMTP just add an additional header to each of your emails:

X-TAGS: "Forgot Password";

You can have multiple comma separated tags assigned to the same email.


X-TAGS: "Movie Tickets, Invoice Emails";

Once the Tags are assigned to emails, you can analyze the same under your Netcore Email API account.

The X-TAGS that you add will be stripped from the final email because they are headers for internal tracking purpose. So you can expect to not actually see these headers in the final email.

What is custom tracking parameters? How to send custom parameters in emails?

Our SMTP allows you to deliver custom handling instructions for email. You can pass any unique value associated with a particular transaction like Invoice ID, Transaction ID, etc in an email header parameter known as X-APIHEADER.

The value of the X-APIHEADER can be in any format, we store it as plain text and return the same in Webhooks. Also, these values will be linked with each SMTP transactions and will be available under your Netcore Email API account.


X-APIHEADER: 282747328;