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How to export activity from your Netcore Email API account?

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How to search email activity in Netcore Email API?

You can search email activity in Netcore Email API live feeds on the basis of the sender’s or recipient’s email address.

What is the different status of my emails?

“Sent” Emails:
Once a message reaches the Netcore Email API servers, it is processed and relayed to our outgoing servers for sending. Our servers then communicate with the “outside world” (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) and the message is sent.

An email that is “sent” means we are attempting to deliver it and waiting for an update from the destination server. An update can take a couple seconds to a few hours.

“Delivered” Emails:
If an email has the “delivered” status it means that it was successfully sent and accepted by the recipient server.

“Delivered” doesn’t necessarily means that the email will be delivered to the inbox. They only way to know if the email was delivered to inbox or the junk folder is by checking with the recipient.

“Opened” emails
Opened status means that the email is opened at the recipient’s end. The Open Rate is the percentage of unique ‘opens’ based on the total number of emails delivered.

To enable ‘Open Tracking’, please go Netcore Email API panel click on Settings and enable Open Tracking under the Customize tab.

Note: By default, the open tracking option is enabled

“Clicked” Emails
An email gets “Clicked” status when delivered emails have at least one click (excluding the unsubscribe click).

To enable ‘Click Tracking’, please go Netcore Email API panel click on Settings and enable Click Tracking under the Customize tab.

Note: By default the open tracking option is enabled

“Unsubscribed” Emails
Unsubscribed emails indicate those emails to which people have opted out using the unsubscribe link.

You can customize the Unsubscribe page/link by navigating to Settings > Customize tab> Customise Unsubscribe Page/Link

Reported as Spam
In transactional emails, there is less or no scope of spam complaints.

Reporting an email as spam is an action taken by the recipient against receiving your email. This is not thee emails that have been delivered to the spam box by the ISPs (this is not considered as a spam complaint)

Bounced Emails
An email gets a bounced status when it cannot be delivered to the recipient and gives an error message in return.

Following are the two types of bounces:

Soft Bounce: This is a temporary issue such as the recipient’s inbox is full or a connection timeout. Netcore Email API will automatically attempt to resend the email. If the email is not delivered after 5 days, it is marked as a bounce.

Hard Bounce: This is a permanent delivery error caused by an invalid email address (e.g. an invalid email, destination server unavailable). Hard bounces have a negative impact on your sender domains reputation and are blocked by Netcore Email API.

Why my emails are in processed state?

Emails can be in processed state due to following reasons:

Your account credits are exhausted
Your account is disabled (Why is my account disabled?)
When receiver server stops accepting request from sending server(throttle)

What does the Remarks column signify in Live feeds?

Remarks in the live feeds show the acknowledgment message received from the recipient server.

What is a Dropped email?

If your emails are getting dropped by our system it means that the recipient’s email address is listed on one of the suppression lists.