Latency Report

The Netcore Email API platform's Latency report gives granular transparency into message deliverability for any scale of messaging campaign, allowing you to observe how quickly your messages are handled and review any potential delays.

The following are some of the insights you'll get from the Latency report:

  • Tracking the time it takes for emails to reach customers.
  • Percentage of transactional emails delivered to the end user in less than 5 seconds between time periods.
  • Track the email IDs that reach customers after 1 min.
  • Track status of the email IDs that reach customers with 5 secs. i.e. delivered/opened/click

This report is highly recommended to the customers who send OTPs or other transactional communications.

Latency reports are available in two formats: bar chart and pie chart.

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Note: Please contact our customer service team to activate this. It is exclusively available to our enterprise customers.