What do you mean by subaccount? What are the benefits?

Using the Subaccount feature, you can segment your emails by creating subaccounts under your master account. Subaccount allows you to support various business units, mail streams, or customers within Netcore Email API account. Subaccount enables access of email sending APIs to subaccounts.
Following are the benefits of a Subaccount;

  • Provision for managing & accessing individual subaccount
  • Each subaccount has a different API key & can have different sending domains.
  • Subaccount can manage their own domains.
  • The master account holder can manage subaccount’s credits.
  • Subaccount can run reports & get statistics of his emailing activity.
  • Subaccount can maintain its own suppression list.
  • Subaccount can create & manage webhooks.
  • Subaccount can create, edit, view & use templates.