Health Score

Being proactive rather than being reactive is extremely important when it comes to email health. To aid and augment you in this objective, Netcore Email API introduces the Health Score module.

Health Score is essentially a score to quantify and help you monitor your email health and keep a track such that you can anticipate problems before they surface. Daily, the Health Score model analyzes different contributing metrics - from your bounce rates to engagement rates - leveraging machine learning to give you a score between 0 and 100 accurately depicting your email health.

A score above 80 indicates a great score, 50-79 is average while score below 50 is Bad and requires significant alterations.


Couple of things to Note:

  1. Health score requires a minimum of 1000 emails being sent everyday for accurate scores.
  2. For accurate scores, enabling Open, Click and unsubscription tracking is ideal and recommended.

The Dashboard gives you a Domain Wise health score of your account, the Day on Day Change, the Week on Week change along with an understanding whether the score is Great (Green), Average (Orange) or Bad (Red). The different components and their contributions are listed out as well to help you get actionable details. Recommendations depict areas/components that require immediate action and have crossed the acceptable thresholds. Also on the dashboard, the trend chart allows you to see the movement of your Health Score over time along with the ability to see the trends of the different components as well.

Contributing Components

Daily, the Health Score is an output of the combination of 12 components based on the message events generated by your sending.

The relative size and contribution percentage (in the positive or the negative direction) of the component in the chart indicates the impact it has on your health score.

Following are the components:

Unsubscribes : Percentage of emails which have had unsubscriptions

Spam : Percentage of email requests that received a spam complaint

Hard bounce : Percentage of email requests that had hard bounces.

Soft bounce : Percentage of email requests that had soft bounces

Suppression hits : Percentage of the email requests that were sent to addresses on your suppression list.

Hygiene : Percentage of the email requests that were blocked due to Hygiene (eg: syntax errors) related issues.

Open rate : Percentage of the email requests that were opened by the addresses receiving them.

CTOR : Percentage of the email requests that were clicked on from the ones that were initially opened.

MX Record : Record check for the sending domain

SPF : Record check for sending domain

DKIM : Record check for sending domain

DMARC : Record check for sending domain


Trend change over time

To Monitor the trend change of the health score or a particular component, select it in the chart at the bottom. When selected, a chart of the data is displayed for the time window selected. You can also view the chart as a bar or trend line as you see fit.



To get an accurate view of the data and for the email requests being sent to have sufficient time for them to receive reactions the health score is calculated on the reactions to emails sent 2 days prior to the current day. Essentially an attribution window of 48 hours is considered.



Components that require immediate action as they have crossed industry standard thresholds for good email health are listed in the section.