What does the following statuses mean in Live Feed?

Did you notice terms like Hard Bounce, Unsubscribe, Soft Bounce, etc. in your live feed? Let's understand what these mean.

  • Processed: This means the email is submitted to Netcore Email API servers and is yet to be delivered to end-user/s.
  • Dropped: The recipient email against this status has either clicked on the “unsubscribe” link or received a bounce or reported email as spam in past.
  • Unsubscribe: This means that the user has clicked on the unsubscribe link.
  • Hard bounce: The email address or the recipient server does not exist at all.
  • Soft bounce: This means that mostly the end user’s email box is full and hence cannot receive the email or the server is temporary.
  • Sent: The email has been successfully delivered to the end user.
  • Open: Email is opened by the end user.
  • Click: Email is clicked by the end user.
  • Invalid: Email address is syntactically incorrect.

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