What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are pretty amazing, it helps in keeping subscriber’s activity data in sync with your system. Instead of having to poll our API constantly to check for updates, webhooks let you know the instant an event occurs or a response is received from the recipient. This might be someone unsubscribing, opening/clicking on email, bounce and even more. In short, Webhooks allow you to collect information about events as they happen in real-time. Provide a Call Back URL to receive data about events happening on your email campaigns, and we’ll send it to you as the events take place.


A Sample Use Case

“XYZ” company wants to send some investment related schemes to their new prospects. Once a prospect opens or clicks on any link inside the email, then their internal CRM/Call Centre Software should get updated, so that their sales executive can immediately call and acquire the new prospect. Now, how is this possible when you are using a third party vendor to send your emails? Using Netcore Email API Webhooks this is absolutely possible. It gives you an immense flexibility to gather real-time data directly onto your system. Just specify a Call-back URL on Netcore Email API and as soon as a prospect clicks on the link an event will be triggered that will POST the information to your specified URL.