Encryption allows the user to encrypt the PII information of the recipient.

What is PII?
PII is any data that one could potentially use to identify a person associated with said data.

In the context of data breaches and identity theft, PII is the most sensitive data point. Hence, we should keep the exposure of PII as minimum as feasible.
The awareness of safeguarding PII has undoubtedly increased in the last few years; however, it has mostly been within the confines of the organization. Any particular brand is still interacting with many partners/vendors, wherein the PII data is available for potential misuse.

What information is encrypted?
We use SHA-1 to convert the email address, recipient name (and any other recipient's PII information) to a hash value and store the value instead of original data for 90 days.


In the image above, you can notice that the email addresses are visible in the logs. However, once encryption is enabled, the email addresses are replaced by the encrypted hash value.