How to apply for a dedicated IP?

At Netcore Email API you can opt for dedicated IP address for your email delivery at an additional monthly cost of $20 per month.

To subscribe for a dedicated IP address, you need to login to your account and go to Billing --> Dedicated IP Address.
Raise the request for dedicated IP address by filling the form.

Once the request is submitted, Our compliance team reviews the request, and they send you the link to make the payment. Once the payment is successful, the IP is assigned to your account.
Note 1: We recommend using a dedicated IP address only if your volume is more than 10K per day.
Note 2: If Subaccount requires a dedicated IP for their account to send emails, they can put in a request to Master offline as only the Master account has authority to request for dedicated IPs.

What’s Next

We are in the phase of enhancing the dedicated IP purchase process.