Old Pricing

Now send 30,000 emails/mo for Free

We are making changes to your Free Plan to more accurately reflect the value users get from Netcore Email API and make room for some great features across plans.

Changes in your Free plan:

Earlier(Pay as you go)Now(Subscription plan)
25,000 emails/mo30,000 emails/mo
Daily limit 5000Daily limit 1000
1 domainUnlimited domains
Sub-account not availableSub-account available
24/7 tech support24/7 tech support

Important things to know

On 25th July 2018, your account was migrated to our new full featured free plan. Irrespective of the warm-up plan you're in, your daily limit will then be set to 1000/day
If you're using Sub user feature, the maximum daily limit of all emails sent from Sub user accounts and Master account will be a cumulative of 1000 emails.

  • Post 25th July, you can buy email credits as per our subscription based pricing plan. To know more visit this link. Pricing

What next?

You may have to make some changes to your account - of either adjusting the daily limits or upgrading your account to a Paid subscription plan, so you can continue sending emails.

Note: Once your account is migrated on 30K free plan, all your special offers will expire(if any). Also, there will be no open credits redemption in new 30K free plan.However, you get cashback on all opened emails in the new paid subscription plan.
Feel free to contact us in case you've any queries