How to Manage Subuser account?

To manage a particular subuser click on its respective Subuser Management under Actions column

You can see Subuser Settings

Master of the subuser account can allocate credits to subusers in following styles

Recurring Credits:

If you select recurring credits as your credit allocation style then you can allocate credits to your subuser on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis.


If you want to allocate 1000 email credits to a subuser on daily basis then select Day in Periods column and enter 1000 in the Number of credits field and then click on Save(as shown below)

One time Credits:

You can manually allocate a specific amount of email credits to each of the subusers as and when needed.

Change credits rules:

Master can Add or Subtract email credits manually. To do so follow the below steps:

  • Select Add or Subtract from the drop down menu under the ADD/SUBTRACT CREDITS title
  • Enter the number of email credits in the AMOUNT field to be added or subtracted to/from subuser’s account.
  • Then click on Save
  • Credits will be added/subtracted from subuser’s account

Note: Pepipost does not provide any white labeling technique