What is a Subaccount? What are the benefits?

Subaccount is a feature that’ll help you efficiently manage users and teams from your main account. Agencies who deal with multiple clients, businesses with many independently operating business units or large enterprises would find this feature very useful. You can segregate email activities across different accounts. All these accounts come under one main account called the Master account, who can create, manage subaccounts and allocate them email credits.

How Subaccounts are beneficial:

  1. When you have different API keys for different subaccounts, you get better deliverability as the email activity of one account doesn’t impact the domain reputation of another account.
  2. Administration and analytics become convenient as each subaccount would have separate access and can run reports & get statistics of their emailing activity.
  3. The master account can segregate email traffic across different accounts and manage credits efficiently.
  4. Subaccounts can choose to have different sending domain or continue mailing from the Master’s sending domain itself.
  5. Subaccounts can manage their own white-label domains.
  6. Subaccount can maintain a separate suppression list.
  7. Subaccount can create & manage webhooks.
  8. Subaccount can create, edit, view & use templates.

Please note:

  1. Sub-accounts are not billed individually for usage. The billing is done only for the master account based on the subscription plan.
  2. The Master account can enable/disable any Subaccount.
  3. The Master account can log in to the Subaccounts.