What is Bounce? Hard and Soft bounces?

An email gets a bounced status when it cannot be delivered to the recipient and gives an error message in return.

Soft Bounce: This is a temporary issue such as the recipient’s inbox is full or a connection timeout. Netcore Email API will automatically attempt to resend the email. If the email is not delivered after 5 days, it is marked as a bounce.

Hard Bounce: This is a permanent delivery error caused by an invalid email address (e.g. an invalid email, destination server unavailable). Hard bounces have a negative impact on your sender domains reputation and are blocked by Netcore Email API.

Can I receive bounce notifications via email?

Yes, to do so navigate to Settings>Customize>Bounce Notification>View Settings and enter the email id on which you want to get bounce notifications.

Note: you must create Custom Envelope before you add your bounce email id, for custom envelope go to Domain Management > Settings